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I'm a painter based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I create vibrant and whimsical compositions of interconnected objects and fairytale-like characters. I developed my personal style in 2009, and I've been perfecting it since then. I love painting in bright limited palettes of three to four colors. My works vary in size and media. Currently I either work with watercolors and inks on paper or with oil paints on canvas. Although my main occupation is a scientist, I've always been passionate about art. In my free time I paint, go to museums and read books on art history. You can see more art and follow my process on my Instagram page @myweirdart_.



  • November 2020 - group exhibition “Ukrainian motives”, Ukrainian Embassy in Den Hague, The Netherlands

  • November 2021 - Nationale Kunstdagen, Gorinchem, The Netherlands

  • April 2022 - group exhibition “Salon of Art”, Jan Garemijnzaal, Brugge, Belgium

  • May 2022 - group exhibition “OekraÏne in het DUNA”, DUNA Atelier, Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

  • June 2022 - group exhibition “Love to life through the war”, Forum Vinkhuizen, Groningen, The Netherlands

  • October 2022  - EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3rd place Audience Award)


  • April 2023 - Pop Up Gallery Berenstraat 24, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • July 2023  - EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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