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Yuliia Orlova is a self-taught Ukrainian born artist based in Amsterdam. She creates vibrant whimsical compositions of interconnected objects and fairytale-like characters. Yuliia developed her personal style and has been perfecting it ever since. She paints in bright limited palettes of three to four colors using and mixing a wide range of materials, such as watercolours, acrylic paint, ink and charcoal. 


Drawing inspiration from folk and outsider art, Yuliia seeks for playfulness and authenticity in her works. She makes art intuitively and free of judgement utilising topics from everyday life and her own experiences. She is drawn to whimsical depictions of animals and fairy-tale like characters, as they offer a sense of playfulness and joy that helps to counterbalance the stress and anxiety of modern existence. 



  • November 2021 - Nationale Kunstdagen, Gorinchem, The Netherlands

  • April 2022 - group exhibition “Salon of Art”, Jan Garemijnzaal, Brugge, Belgium

  • May 2022 - group exhibition “OekraÏne in het DUNA”, DUNA Atelier, Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

  • June 2022 - group exhibition “Love to life through the war”, Forum Vinkhuizen, Groningen, The Netherlands

  • October 2022  - EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3rd place Audience Award)

  • April 2023 - Pop Up Gallery Berenstraat 24, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • July 2023  - EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Honorary Distinction by Jakunts)

  • November 2023 - Nationale Kunstdagen, part of Jakunts stand Gorinchem, The Netherlands

  • February 2024 - Art Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • March 2024 - Kunst Markt Noord, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 28th of April - Kunst Markt Noord LIVE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 25-26th of May - Kunst in Porre's Toen, Alteveer, The Netherlands



  • July - August 2024 - gallery exhibition at De Kleine Toonzaal, Huizen, The Netherland 
  • September 2024 - EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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